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  • Destination Weddings

    Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience. Planning a destination wedding is a task that takes it to a completely different level. If done right, a destination wedding can bring your wildest fantasies to life. But, plan it wrong and you are in for a nightmare, in unfamiliar territory no less!

    Complete Getaways prides itself on having industry leading, award winning experience in planning destination weddings in India, Bahamas, Hawaii, Grand Cayman Islands, Europe, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Aruba, Antigua, Alaska and many more locations!

    Leave it to us to plan, organize and develop a cost-effective, excruciatingly detailed and planned destination wedding not just for you, the wedding couple, but for your guests as well. In addition to a destination wedding that looks like a scene out of a dreamy movie, we ensure that the times before and after the wedding are an experience that everyone loves, enjoys and talks about for years to come!

  • Honeymoon

    A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. It’s when a blissfully wedded couple celebrate an intimate and special bond of marriage, catering to no one but one another, far away from the hustle and bustle of life and what may have been several hectic months of planning leading up to the wedding. The last thing you want is a honeymoon that doesn’t go to plan, exactly how you imagined it to be.

    From flights, transfers, accommodations, beautiful romantic venues, transportation, tours, activities and special personalized honeymoon requests, we plan and take care of every excruciating detail for you. With a honeymoon package created by us in collaboration with you, all you will have to do is enjoy every moment of it with your special and significant other!

  • Family Vacation

    Family time is fun time, but only if everyone in the family is having fun! For a family vacation to be successful and enjoyed by all, there has to be family friendly venue, itinerary, and activity selections that will bring the entire family together for an amazing time.

    Planning such an efficient itinerary and vacation plan on your own is a very daunting process, one that most people often get wrong. At Complete Getaways, we have expert planners who work only on family trips and reunions. They know what it takes to create an itinerary and vacation plan that keeps old and young alike happy and having fun.

  • Corporate Retreats

    Are you in charge of planning a corporate retreat? What destination is appropriate? What sort of venue will make employees feel comfortable but also wanting to actively participate in a corporate trip? Will it have corporate friendly facilities? Is the destination likely to have activities and sightseeing that will be appropriate for a group traveling on a corporate trip? Will you be able to make the logistics of traveling in a large group work?

    The very purpose of a corporate retreat or trip with a group of employees is to foster bonding, camaraderie and unison. Attempting to achieve this using an ad-hoc vacation plan is a recipe for disaster.

    Leave it to Complete Getaways and a specialist Corporate Retreat vacation planner to help you chart an itinerary that you can enjoy hands-free, is corporate friendly and also budget friendly.

  • Girl Vacations

    You and your girlfriends ready to go on an all-girl adventure? Besides wanting to go to destinations where you can have some quality down time with your girls, you probably also want an itinerary with personal safety in mind.

    Complete Getaways is capable of assigning a specialist girl group vacation planning expert to find you a destination, travel logistics, sightseeing, activities and tours that are all compatible with the specific preferences of women travelers, from all walks of life.

    Time to make some memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Bachelor / Bachelorette

    A bachelor or bachelorette vacation is like no other vacation. You are looking for fun with a generous helping of parties, dancing, clubbing and activities that lets you find camaraderie, friendship and memories of a wonderful time with your loyal gang of friends, all in a destination that you and your friends have dreamed about vacationing in.

    At Complete Getaways, we have vacation planning experts that particularly cater to this niche, with wavelengths that fantastically match yours. Leave it to us to create a vacation itinerary packed with fun, frolic and sheer exuberance befitting the mood of an exciting bachelor/bachelorette party!

  • Cruise Vacations

    Love the water? There’s no better way to enjoy it than to embark on a cruise vacation. But, planning a cruise vacation is a very elaborate process with several elements that you must get right.

    How will you travel to meet your cruise ship? Will you need to fly or drive to make it to cruise transfers? What about immigration considerations? Where will you stay when the cruise ship isn’t sailing? Hotel? Which hotel? Diet while on the cruise ship?

    As easy as cruise ship vacations make it sound, they rarely take care of the innumerable travel and itinerary details that are required to get you aboard the ship in the first place. Also, once you’re off the ship, you’re usually on your own!

    Use an expert cruise ship vacation planning expert at Complete Getaways to plan travel, transfers, cabin location, sightseeing and hotel accommodations while on shore, down to the very last detail.

  • Villa Getaways

    Have you ever wanted to get away in a Luxury Villa?

    How about travel with a bunch of family and friends and staying one location rather than separate rooms in a hotel?

    We have the perfect solution with our Villas that are located all over the world with differentiators that set us apart!

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