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Vacations for the Vacationer, by the Vacationer: The Complete Getaways Story

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It’s a very brief escapade from a hectic, intense and demanding life, a life that you will have to go back to almost immediately after your vacation.

You probably put in blood, sweat and tears to earn your vacation.

What a shame it would be to not make it count and count BIG!

An epic vacation is one where everything is about you. An idyllic location, hassle free travel, cost-savings, minimal planning on your part and itineraries where every living moment brings you nothing but pure joy and satisfaction.

At Complete Getaways, we take this exact “Everything is about you” approach to plan a vacation that will bring a smile to your face, even when you think about it decades after.

With a NO FEE policy, Complete Getaways uses an intricate and elaborate holiday partner network developed all over the globe, painstakingly built with over two decades of vacation planning expertise, to give you extraordinary vacation experiences, at value prices that will leave you just stunned.


Complete Getaways is a small-team, award-winning vacation planning partner with a big vision. Started by entrepreneurs who themselves were and are ardent travelers, Complete Getaways has evolved into a specialist in planning bespoke and unforgettable vacations.

The founders saw a significant gap in the vacation planning industry when they approached vacation planners to plan their own vacations. All vacation planners did was show brochure after brochure, with no heed paid to the personal likes, dislikes, expectations, special requests and concerns of the potential vacationer. When you contact us for your vacation planning needs, you will immediately see that we do not suffer from this deficiency.

One phone call and you will understand why our award winning service is so different from the rest of the industry. We hear you out like a close friend, listening to your excited plans for the vacation, the types of places you want to see, the things you want to do and how you want to do it. Only when we get a sense of exactly what you want out of your vacation is when we even start making suggestions.

Being avid travelers ourselves, we also strongly believe in cost effectiveness and maximizing value for the money you work so hard to earn. A memorable vacation doesn’t need to break your bank. This is why we use a NO FEE policy to plan your vacation, instead earning our remuneration from our vast vacation partner network comprising of resorts and travel companies littered all across the globe.

When you win, we win, and if our success and accolades are anything to go by, this approach has worked spectacularly well for us in the past two decades and counting.

There’s no upfront fee when you contact us. In fact, there are no hidden or surprise fees, period. If we can’t come up with a vacation plan that doesn’t satisfy every item on your checklist, regardless of how extensive and particular it is, you lose nothing but the time spent on a friendly phone call. We won’t have it any other way. Learn more about why you must choose us.

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