Best Holiday Gifts to Give for Travelers in 2023

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It happens every year: the hunt for the perfect gift begins when the holidays come around. You want your gift to be the one that lights up their eyes and makes them say, “Oh my gosh, I love it!” It’s a challenge for sure but it’s especially tough if you are shopping for a traveler who might already have many of the things you already had in mind (like packing cubes for their luggage or a neck pillow).

We took on the challenge of finding interesting gifts for travelers that will bring a smile to their face and will cater to their wanderlust. Whether you’re shopping for the adventurous backpacker, the business traveler, or the luxury jet-setter, these gift ideas strike the perfect balance between functionality and flair, ensuring your loved ones are well-equipped and inspired for their next journey.

Explore this selection to discover gifts that elevate their travel experience and make every trip memorable.

Personal safety alarm

What we love: Birdie: The Original Safety Personal Alarm fits right on your keychain and emits a loud alarm sound and flashing lights to give you extra peace of mind while you travel. It comes in five chic colors and you can get on Amazon.

RFID wallets

What we love: This one for women and this one for men are both slim and small enough to fit in a purse or pocket and come in a variety of colors. It is perfect to protect yourself from electronic pickpocketing.

Hanging toiletry bag

What we love: Whether your hotel counter space is small or you just want a little extra protection from germs, this hanging toiletry bag lets you see everything you brought and makes it all easily accessible.

Travel belt for luggage

What we love: The Original Cincha Travel Belt, which comes in 16 colors and prints, wraps around a purse or smaller bag and attaches to your luggage handle. It lets you maneuver larger airports hands-free while ensuring your extra bag is secure.

The perfect travel book

What we love: Ok, giving a book might not sound original but we promise this one is different. Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When Book 1 and Book 2 is organized by months of the year and gives ideas on where to go and what to do at those destinations. Full of gorgeous color photos and helpful tips, this is the book any traveler will appreciate.

Luggage trackers

Why we love it: Ok, so this isn’t just for luggage, but Apple Air Tags are a smart option for travelers who tend to lose their stuff more often than they care to admit. These offer surprisingly good accuracy and there are four in this pack.

Ultra Light Power bank

Why we love it: Sure, travelers usually have power banks but the Zendure power bank is one of the lightest on the market and you can charge two devices simultaneously. You’ll save 45% charge time with this fast power bank.

Customized Reel Viewer

What we love: This nostalgic view finder toy gets an upgrade by offering you the chance to customize it with your own photos. Let the traveler you love enjoy viewing the best 10 shots of their last trip with this. It’s the perfect conversation starter that will look good on a coffee table.

Adventure Challenge Scratch Off Book

What we love: Scratch off the silver squares in this book to discover a new challenge to try on your next trip. You’ll have space to write your thoughts, attach a picture, and it tells how much the adventure will cost (if fees apply) and how long it will take.

Luggage cup holder

Why we love it: The Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder has space to store two cups and an additional packet for your cell phone making it easy to carry less at the airport as you head to your gate. But don’t let the name fool you: you can store much more in it if you don’t want to put your cups in here such as sunglasses, travel notebook, tickets and more.

Infinity travel scarf with pockets

Why we love it: This looks like a stylish infinity scarf for women but has hidden pockets so you can stash away the important stuff and keep your hands free. It also converts into a blanket.

Custom photo puzzle

Why we love it: This custom photo puzzle from I See Me! will be the perfect surprise for the traveler in your life. Just take one of their most recent travel pictures and turn it into a unique puzzle the will love to put together. They can even glue the pieces down and have it framed for a unique picture to hang in their home.

Coin holder frame

Why we love it: This beautiful wooden coin holder comes in two sizes is the perfect décor to hang in your home that will remind you of your trips. Drop in coins from your travels and watch it fill up as you reflect on the good memories. You can get it inscribed with the name of the gift recipient and can even place it on an easel or stand (not included).

Custom playing cards

Why we love it: Playing cards are easy to carry with you and are perfect for when you have down time on your trip. This deck is customized so you can take photos from your favorite traveler’s adventures and include them in this deck.


Why we love it: We were created with one idea in mind: life is about creating meaningful moments and one of the best ways to do that is to travel with the ones you love. With that idea in mind, we can’t help but share our love for gifting surprise trips to your loved ones. Whether it’s for an upcoming milestone birthday, girls trip, boys trip, anniversary, or other special occasion, giving the gift of travel will always be special.

This holiday season, the gifts we mentioned will surprise the globetrotter in your life with a must-have travel item that will enhance their next travel experience. From personalized puzzles and card decks that capture their unique journey to innovative tech gadgets that make every adventure smoother, these gifts are not just items; they’re thoughtful companions on the road less traveled. And when in doubt, don’t forget that the best gift of all is to send them on another great adventure next year.

No matter what gift you choose, ensure that your favorite traveler embarks on their next journey with a smile on their face.

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Contact us today by visiting or calling 1-877-530-5560