Destination Wedding Perks: A Wedding And Honeymoon All In One?

There are many reasons why couples decide to have a destination wedding. Among the most popular of these reasons is the ability for couples to start their honeymoons early, by making it a part of their wedding journey.

But aside from convenience, there are, in fact, many benefits to combining both your honeymoon and wedding. With our experience helping couples and families plan their Complete Getaways across the globe, we’ve found that more and more hotels, resorts, and cruise lines are offering combined wedding/honeymoon packages. These packages are making it easier for couples to design their perfect getaway to virtually anywhere in the world.

Why might you want to combine your wedding and honeymoon together?

One of the biggest advantages to combining your wedding and honeymoon is savings. Many resorts offer complimentary wedding packages with a 7-night stay, while others may offer a free stay for couples who hold their wedding on the resort’s property. A travel agent that specializes in destination weddings can help you find the destinations that offer these packages. Learn more now.

Another advantage of combining your wedding and honeymoon is less stress. When you plan your wedding and honeymoon as one, you minimize the frustrations, workload, and stress of having to plan two separate events, not to mention you save yourself some considerable travel time.

Not every couple that plans a destination wedding decides to combine their honeymoon in the package. However, what we’ve found is that most destination wedding couples choose a location that is special to them, their love story, or to their families. This makes it easy for them to pick that same location as the way to mark the start of their journey together.

How to keep your honeymoon yours following a destination wedding

It’s hard to argue with the idea of having your honeymoon start as soon as your ceremony ends. However, keep in mind that many of your guests might also want to stick around for a few days following the wedding.

Since this is your honeymoon, the last thing you’ll likely want is to run into friends and family every single day, as you and your significant other forge your new path together. And while you likely can’t forbid anyone from taking an extended vacation of their own, you should set a few ground rules for each of your guests, including, if possible, having them stay at a different resort than yours.

It’s not that you don’t want to be around your loved ones at this time; it’s just that, for a few days, you and your husband or wife deserve your own quality time. Your guests should be understanding. Want to learn more about whether a combined wedding/honeymoon package is right for you.

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