Destination Weddings: Far More Cost Effective Than You Think!

One of the first things couples say to us when they approach us about their dream destination wedding is “we probably can’t afford it.”

This is a common misconception. Many people believe that destination weddings are far more expensive than their more traditional counterpart, seeing as you’re traveling far away for a ceremony and reception you could have in your backyard.

That’s why we love showing our clients side-by-side comparisons that outline what their destination wedding might cost, versus what the same type of wedding would cost here in the U.S.

More times than not, the destination wedding is a less expensive alternative. You heard that right – flying to Mexico, Aruba or elsewhere could actually save you money when planning your wedding.

But how is that even possible, and how much can you save with your destination wedding?

First, let’s talk about how a destination wedding could actually save you money.

Weddings may have a hefty price tag, but that cost is made up of many different line items, each of which can be less expensive overseas.

Take, for example your DJ, sound and lighting setup. There’s a very good chance that you can cut your costs in half! The simple calculation of costs of services overseas has a lot to do with that. The savings in this line item, alone, often makes up for the cost of airfare.

Still, that has you breaking out even, at best, so where else can the destination wedding save you?

You need to look no further than your all-inclusive resort.

Dig Deeper: How to find a true all-inclusive resort

When you book your destination wedding with an experienced travel agent, your agent will match you with a resort that helps you save the most money, without comprising on comfort and luxury. Many of these resorts, from the Caribbean, to Mexico, Europe and beyond, rely heavily on the business of destination-wedding couples, which is why they’re more than happy to offer perks for booking with them.

These perks can – and often do – include:

* The ceremony and reception space
* The wedding dinner and cocktail reception
* A day-of wedding planner

This is where you end up savings tens of thousands of dollars. Here in the U.S., reception hall rentals are extremely expensive. If you want to save on that cost, you’ll have to compromise with aesthetics and spacing. But the same can’t be said overseas. With resorts built specifically for wedding receptions, there is no shortage of places to book your stay where awe-inspiring halls and ballrooms are included in the cost.

Couple that with the inclusive meal, a wedding planner, as well as the opportunity to package your honeymoon and wedding travel into one, and you can see why, more often than you think, couples who choose a destination wedding over a traditional at-home wedding save as much as 40%.

Are you one of the couples who’ll actually save more by pursuing your dream of a destination wedding? There’s only one way to find out! Contact our team today and let us break down the costs, based on your vision and budget, to determine if the destination wedding of your dreams can become a reality.

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