Fun Things to Make With Travel Photos You Took with Your Phone

We’ve all done it: We went on that trip last year or the year before and took hundreds of photos intending with all our heart to get them off our phones.

Maybe we’ll print them. Maybe we’ll just get them in our computer. But no matter what, we always say we’ll do something with them. And unfortunately, they are still there. But with travel still a bit limited and so many of us stuck at home, it can be a good time to finally do something with all of those pictures.

Here are some easy and surprisingly fun things you can do using all of those phots on your cell phone.

   1. Make a photo book right from your phone: Both Shutterfly and Snapfish, two of the leading photo book companies, offer apps where you can choose images directly from your phone to upload and turn into a chic photobook. It’s the perfect gift for anyone in your life who wants to travel right now.

   2. Make stickers: The HP Sprocket is a portable photo printer that works with cell phones. You can buy the special paper that has a sticky backing to instantly turn your photos into stickers.

   3. Turn your photos into art you can hang on your walls without a single hammer or nail needed: Mixtiles is a company that allows you to upload your images through their app which you can then turn into 8×8 print out that have a sticky backing. You can arrange and rearrange them as much as you want on your wall and all without causing any damage to them.

   4. Print them easily with a mobile printer: We all say we’ll print our photos but never do because trying to print out so many pictures just feels like it will take up a lot of time. Enter the Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Printer which makes the process a complete breeze.

   5. Create a new phone cover: You can now turn your images into a personalized phone cover at websites like which is designed to easily take images from your phone and

   6. Create your own stereoscope: Remember those red stereoscopes from the 90’s? You know, the red viewfinders that came with a photo disc you inserted which let you cycle through the pictures by pushing the yellow lever on the side? Now you can make your very own using your own travel pictures thanks to

   7. Make a puzzle, flashcards, finger puppets or game: Pinhole Press can turn your images into a 12-piece or even 252-piece puzzle. You can even make baby flashcards which is an incredibly thoughtful and unique gift for anyone who is expecting. And if you want some entertainment, the stie allows you to make finger puppets, dominos with photos or a names and faces game.

We hope you’ve gotten inspired by the ideas you’ve read above. We hope you’ll find something fun to do with all of those travel photos and when you do we hope that you’ll enjoy re-living the fond memories from your past trips!

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