Why Every Woman Needs a Girls’ Trip and How to Plan It The Right Way

If you think a bachelorette party is the only reason to go on a girls’ trip, think again. Read on to learn about different types of girls trips you can take and a few things to consider to make yours a memorable one.

Types of Girls’ Trips

There are several kinds of trips women can take together. Any (or all) of the following are worth doing at least once in your life. Of course, you don’t need a major reason to get a few friends together to explore somewhere new!


  • Celebrate a birthday: Milestone birthdays are top reasons people take girls’ trips but it doesn’t matter what age you are turning: a trip to celebrate another year is always a good idea!
  • Celebrate a graduation: Whether you are graduating undergrad or you just finished a grueling graduate program, you deserve to make the most of your accomplishment by planning a vacation with your best friends.
  • Celebrate a health milestone: Did you have a medical scare and found out that everything is indeed ok? Have you or a friend survived breast cancer? It doesn’t matter whether your health milestone was big or small. Good health is always worth celebrating with friends!
  • Celebrating a new stage in your life: Some women plan girls’ trips when they have ended a long relationship (or even a marriage). And that’s one of the best times to connect with the pals who have supported you the whole way.
  • Celebrating a career achievement: Finally got that promotion you’ve wanted? Did you get a new job at your dream company? Getting together with your friends on a mini vacation is a great way to commemorate it.
  • Celebrating your friendship: Have you reconnected with a few old friends? Or maybe you want to recognize a friendship that has lasted for so man years. We say traveling together in the name of friendship is the perfect reason to book a ticket to somewhere special.
  • Learning something new together: Whether you want to take a trip to Europe to take Italian classes from the locals, or you want to up your culinary skills, a trip can help you learn something new. Doing it all with friends makes it that much better.
  • Recharge and de-stress: Women take on many roles: one can be a mom or girlfriend, employee, sister, daughter, best friend, and more. But at some point, everyone needs to de-stress and reconnect with themselves. Trips with your closest women friends who really get you can make that experience even more fulfilling.

Tips to plan a great girls’ trip

  • Consider everyone’s budget. You’ll want to choose a destination that works for everyone’s financial situation.
  • Choose somewhere that will be fun for everyone. You’ll want to pick a destination that either people have been to before that they’ve loved or one that you’d love to explore together that might be new to all (or most) of you. Consider the season and think about what type of climate will be enjoyable for your group.
  • Decide on the length of the trip. Not everyone can get away for a whole week. Some can only do a weekend while others can take much longer time off.
  • Decide on the kinds of activities that will appeal to your group. Think about the personality of the people you want to invite. Are some more so a party animal than others? Are there some who love being outdoors while others who don’t?
  • Have a good balance between excursions and activities and down time. It’s possible to burn out even on a vacation! Make sure you pick activities that are exciting but build in some that will also be relaxing.

There are many aspects to planning a solid girls’ trip that will be fun and memorable. We’re here to help! We have connections in the industry that allow us to find incredible rates on vacation packages for girls’ trips.

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