How to Pick a Travel Agent for Your Destination Wedding or Honeymoon

Are you planning on getting married next year and love the idea of a destination wedding? Or maybe you’ve been thinking of honeymoon options but would rather have someone else handle the details? If so, you might have considered using a travel agent to book everything for you and your guests. But one thing is for sure: All travel agents are not equal!

Here are a few questions you should consider as you think about which agent you’ll use for your wedding and/or honeymoon.

Does the agent have experience booking at the venue you are considering?

It helps to have an agent who has booked other clients at the resort you have been eyeing. They’ll have relationships in place with the resort already which could save you even more than you thought on your wedding.

Plus, the agent will know the way each resort works, their policies and their amenities so they’ll be prepared for anything. They’ll already have a list of contacts to get answers on everything from how to handle the welcome bags for your guests to getting restaurant reservations for your guests in place.

How much support will the agent provide in case the unexpected happens?

You’ll want to choose an agent that can be available to you in case the unexpected happens. What if you have a flight cancellation due to bad weather? What if one of your wedding guests misses their flight? You’ll want to make sure your agent can be there to help you navigate through any situation and quickly resolve it.

Does the agent charge fees?

Using a travel agent does not have to bust your budget. While it’s true that some agents charge fees for their services, you might be surprised to learn that others don’t. Those that charge a fee usually add it to the final travel costs. Going with one that doesn’t will helps save you money of course so make sure to ask about this when making your decision.

Do they have first-hand knowledge and experience at various resorts in the area you are considering?

At Complete Getaways, we have first-hand experience with many resorts including those in popular destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean. Not all travel agents do though. It’s important to ask if the agent has stayed in the location where you are considering. They’ll be better equipped to give you the best recommendations. Plus, a good agent will help steer you to a better resort if the one you are considering won’t fit the vision you have in mind for your wedding or honeymoon.

Do they specialize in romance travel and/or group travel?

Not all travel agents specialize in the same things. You’ll want to find one that includes romance travel or group travel as their specialties because these types of trips require knowledge that only comes from having the right experience and background. Make sure to ask if your agent specifically specializes in one or ideally both of these areas.

Destination wedding and honeymoon planning can be stressful but they don’t have to be when you have not just a travel agent but a good travel agent by your side.

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