How Travel Could Change in the Future after Coronavirus

We know that things change daily when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic but we also know that the travel industry is working hard to make things as safe as possible for everyone when it will be ok to travel again. Until then, we wanted to share predictions of what might change in the future.

Travelers will be even more equipped to protect their health as they travel

We believe that antibacterial handwipes, personal face masks, and supplements that boost the immune system will be even more popular in the future and will become a travel staple. While we think that many airlines, airports and hotels will make these more readily available to people, we believe that travelers will also have their own supply as well.

Hotels, airlines and tour operators will be placing a much bigger emphasis on hygiene and sanitation than ever before

We believe the current pandemic will fundamentally change the way the travel industry views and acts on hygiene. We predict new rules and regulations will come into place that will ensure passengers have the cleanest environment and also reduce risks of getting others sick. This might include having face masks available for passengers that might be sick and health checks at the airports prior to boarding.

There will be incredible travel deals

The travel industry will be enticing people to travel by offering excellent deals. Airfare and hotel stays had already begun to drop in price over the past few months. We believe this trend will continue for some time after the pandemic ends.

We’ll be even more prone to get extra protection for our travel through additional travel insurance policies

There’s nothing like a pandemic to make you realize how important it is to ensure your investment in your trip plans is protected. We believe that many people will not only want to get travel insurance but will be interested to make sure all bases are covered and that they better understand how travel insurance works. Travel insurance upgrades that allow you to cancel for any reason will be especially popular.

More emphasis on contact-less check-in and checkout and other measures that promote social distancing

We believe that the travel industry will focus even more on leveraging technology that allows people to contactless options for checking in and out.

Airplanes might see design updates

Italian manufacturing firm, Aviointeriors, shared renderings recently on Instagram that showed a new seating concept called Janus that would offer more physical space between passengers.

The design shows three adjacent seats in a row where the middle seat is facing the rear of the plane and is protective by a plastic outer shell so passengers on either side would not be able to touch the middle passenger or breath near them. This also allows the other passengers in the same row to have a bit more protection. Another design showed a three-seat row where there were clear, plastic partitions near the top of each seat to reduce the spread of germs and viruses.

No matter what the future holds, we remain optimistic that things will eventually change for the better. We are confident that travel will eventually resume and we will all be working toward being safer and healthier. And when it does, we’ll be there for you.

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