Top Destinations for Celebrating Birthdays by Calendar Month

Every birthday is important of course but when you have a milestone birthday coming up, it calls for more than just dinner and drinks out. They are the perfect reason to check off a long-time bucket-list destination. Whether you were born in the winter, spring, summer or fall, we have the perfect list of places to go during your birthday month. Take a look at the moth of your milestone birthday and see what options you have. And when you’re ready to book your trip, let us know and we’ll be happy to help!


  • Rio de Janeiro: The beaches are incomparable and you’ll escape the wintery weather completely.
  • Australia: This will offer the best weather around this time of year: neither too hot or cold!
  • Dubai: Temperatures are in the high 70s and low 80s in Dubai during January. This month you’ll love the Shopping Festival where you’ll find discounts all month long in the shops and boutiques.


  • The Swiss Alps: This time of year is perfect for ski trips!
  • The Bahamas: For those who want to escape the cold, you can’t go wrong with this destination!
  • Panama: Visit during this time and you’ll find less humidity and a cool breeze in the mornings and afternoons. You’ll find some of the best sunsets to enjoy in February.


  • Spain: The weather is especially beautiful this time of year here so if you are looking to do anything outdoorsy (or anything that requires being in long lines outside), you won’t be too hot or too cold.
  • Belize: This is one of the most wonderful times to see Belize if you love to sail because of the trade winds. There’s also no humidity yet!
  • The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: Water temperatures are perfect this time of year. Plus, the water is also at its most clearest making it ithe right time to go for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.


  • Japan: The budding cherry blossoms make this a perfect location to visit in April!
  • The Netherlands: Two words for you: Tulip season!
  • Thailand: April 13th marks the Thai New Year Festival which includes incredible food and celebrations…and, believe it or not, water fights in the street. It’s a can’t-miss event!


  • London: You won’t find overcast skies during this month in London so it’s a great time to visit and see all of the sights.
  • Portugal: From March to mid-June, you’ll enjoy the best weather here.
  • Sicily: You’ll find the countryside wildflowers in full bloom, the ocean is warmer so it is perfect for a swim and the tourist sections are not as overcrowded as other parts of the year.


  • Santorini and other islands of Greece: The beaches are exceptionally beautiful and the seafood is outstanding. You’ll enjoy especially vibrant sunrises and sunsets during this time of year.
  • St. Petersburg, Russia: June marks the beginning of a festival that goes throughout the month to honor summer so it’s a great time of year to visit.
  • Malta: Village parades, festivals and fireworks happen nearly every week between May to October here but mid-June is an especially great time to visit. That is because the ocean is warm for a swim, but the island isn’t as busy as it gets later in summer.


  • Fiji: The waters will be their clearest during this month of the year in Fiji so if you love to snorkel or have ever wanted to try coral reef diving, this is the best time to do these activities.
  • Stockholm: The weather is best during this time of year here so it’s worth the trip!
  • Denmark: Another city where the weather is wonderful in July. The average temperature is about 70 degrees in the afternoon and it is around 63 degrees on average daily.


  • Peru: This is one of the best times to go on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu because the weather will be exceptional.
  • Tibet: You’ll want to visit Tibet in August because that is when the rainy season will have just passed so you’ll get a chance to really enjoy being outdoors.
  • Iceland: If you go in the last two weeks of the month, you’ll find less crowds and more hotels to choose from for your stay.


  • Milan: You won’t find much rain in the month of September so it’s one of the greatest times to visit.
  • Budapest: In the daytime it will be warm, but certainly not rainy. The evenings will be cool so it’ll be the perfect blend of weather for your trip.
  • Cost Rica: September is the least rainy time of the year and also the least crowded.


  • The Amalfi Coast, Italy: You’ll still enjoy lots of sunshine and the ocean is warm enough for a swim. Plus, the hotel prices drop a bit.
  • Rome, Italy: You’ll find not only much better weather in October but also less lines to wait in for tables and tourist attractions too.
  • Burgundy, France: The leaves on the grape vines begin turning a beautiful shade of gold making this one of the prime times to visit for stunning views. The wineries are open and you’ll get plenty of time with owners to ask questions, sample wine and learn about the area.


  • Hong Kong: Good news: by this time of year the typhoon season has ended so you can visit knowing the weather won’t get in the way.
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: The rainy season is over and the ocean is the perfect temperature for a swim so you’ll love it. If you want to try scuba diving and snorkeling, you’ll love going here then because the water will be especially clear.
  • Morocco: The days are warm without being uncomfortable and the nights are cool and crisp in November. In the Atlas Mountains, the daily temperature average in November is 62 degrees, with highs in the low seventies — ideal weather for hiking. Marrakech has an average daily temperature of 63 degrees.


  • Paris, France: In addition to the regular lights that make make Paris glow, you’ll find beautiful holiday decorations and lights this time of year in preparation for Christmas and New Year’s.
  • Germany: You’ll find incredible Christmas markets throughout the month in addition to the incredible food and culture.
  • New Zealand: Flowers are in full bloom this time of year and the landscape is at its most peaceful and beautiful.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter when your milestone birthday is: you’ll find a destination that has the perfect weather, activities and special features to make your trip unforgettable.

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