5 Great Adventures to Experience in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Whether you call it “MoBay” like the locals or just “Montego Bay,” it doesn’t matter: either way, this part of Jamaica is a not-to-be-missed Caribbean destination. As a popular cruise ship port in Jamaica that is especially tourist-friendly and has all the makings of a beautiful tropical vacation or honeymoon. Read on to explore Montego Bay, Jamaica and why you should visit there soon!

But first, when is the best time to go to Jamaica?

The Caribbean experiences its notorious hurricane season. To avoid it, visit Jamaica November and December when the weather will be the best and you’ll experience less crowds.

Take a bamboo boat ride down the Martha Brae River

When you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown precinct, book a 3-hour boat ride down this historic river. You’ll get your very own local guide who will share about the history of the area, the flora and fauna of the jungle that frames the river, and you might even get to hear your guide sing a reggae song to you. It’s one of the most relaxing things to do in the area and you’ll be planning to come back again long before the ride ends.

Go for a swim at Doctor’s Cave Beach

This is one of the most visited beaches in Montego Bay. Known for its crystal-clear turquoise water and white-sands which make it an ideal location for snorkeling as well. The name was inspired by the story of Sir Herbert Barker, an English osteopath, who visited the beach in the 1920s. He visited and was so impressed by how the waters so healing that he wrote an article about his experiences. The article made the area incredibly popular since then. While there is an entrance fee, this means you won’t be bothered by beach hustlers. Instead, you’ll find a bar, restaurant, changing rooms and showers here. You can also rent beach chairs, towels, snorkeling gear. You’ll find that the grounds are immaculately kept and all facilities are clean. Doctor’s Cave Beach is also a part of the Montego Bay Marine Park where you’ll find many different marine life among the coral reef.

Take a jungle ziplining tour

For those who loves adventure, you’ll want to book a ziplining tour in Montego Bay. You’ll get a professional guide who will take you from one line to the next via jungle rope bridges. You’ll glide above the treetops at speeds up to 40 mph. Zipline Tour Adventures is one of the most popular companies for these tours. It operates five lines, including the 1,600-foot Big Timba, the longest zip line in the Caribbean, and at the end of the tour you’ll enjoy a ride in one of the Pinzgauers, which are 6X6 vehicles, for an off-road mountain adventure. The tour will also include a tropical fruit tasting and refreshments.

Visit Croydon in the Mountains

For those who want to experience more than just sea and beaches, you’ll want to visit Croydon in the Mountains, a historic plantation in Montego Bay. It is consistenly voted as one of the top things to do by travelers. Located among the Catadupa Mountains, the plantation is 132-acres and its crops include coffee, pineapples, plantains, and citrus. It also produces honey. The area is the birthplace of Samuel Sharpe who died fighting against slavery and is considered one of Jamaica’s most celebrated individuals. You’ll get to taste exotic and delicious fruit and the juices made from them and you’ll learn the secrets of cultivating and making the best coffee.

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

Get even closer to nature at the Sanctuary. You’ll not only see the birds but you’ll be able to photograph, and hand-feed the birds. In fact, it is home to thousands of birds local to Jamaica as well as exotic birds that have flown thousands of miles. You’ll receive a bottle of nectar to attract the hummingbirds quickly which makes for the perfect photo opportunity. You’ll see Jamaica’s national bird, the regal long-tailed Doctor Bird. It’s only a 30-minute drive away from downtown Montego Bay so you can still get to enjoy the energy of the city.

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