Planning A Destination Wedding To St. Lucia

Few islands on the planet offer the type of diverse tropical settings for an idyllic wedding than St. Lucia.

From forest-clad mountains (including the iconic Pitons twin peaks) to black-sand beaches, botanical gardens, waterfalls, rainforests and historic plantations, there is simply no shortage of sceneries on the island that are all but picture perfect for your wedding.

Heck, even scuba weddings can be arranged!

Picking your preferred St. Lucian wedding

If your preferred location for your wedding is a beach, then on St. Lucia you have your pick: white sand? Dark? It’s up to you. If white sand is what you’re after, we recommend heading to the five-mile-long Reduit Beach on historic Rodney Bay. Or, consider Jalousie Beach, which is dramatically set at the foot of Les Pitons.

If, however, you’re after a grayish look to your beach backdrop, try Anse Chastanet, which happens to be home to some incredible snorkeling.

If your preference is to have a more forested landscape, or perhaps even add a little hike to your ceremony, we urge you to check out the 19,000-acre Central Rainforest Reserve (where you might have the chance of spotting the elusive jacquot – or the St. Lucian parrot). If you’re looking for a challenge, try St. Lucia’s highest peak – Mount Gimie in the Edmund Forest Reserve. That, and the Pitons, reward hikers with majestic views of the island and, potentially, the most unique wedding pictures you could imagine.

Many of the couples we work with have their heart set on getting married near a waterfall. That’s why St. Lucia is often atop our lists for destination weddings: St. Lucia is home to dozens of waterfalls, including several that remain immune to tourist traffic.

Take, for example, Errand Falls, near the east coast town of Dennery. Sure, you’ll need to hike or mountain bike to get to it, but the effort is worth it when you come upon a majestic 50-foot-high cascade.

And then there’s the scuba wedding. St. Lucia is home to spectacular drop-offs, wrecks, coral gardens and unique marine life, which is why it’s a popular spot for divers. The walk-in reef at Anse Chastanet, the gorgonian and coral encrusted Key Hole Pinnacles, and the easy glide down the wall at Superman’s Flight all rate as some of the best dives in the Caribbean.

If you’re open to getting married in August, you could catch this once-a-year occasion when divers can watch the night of Coral Sex – where billions of amorous polyps spurt clouds of eggs and sperm into the water to create new coral growth.

When should I plan my St. Lucia destination wedding?

Although St. Lucia has a year-round tropical climate with warm temperatures, there are some seasonal (and financial) variations you should know about when planning your destination wedding.


Winter is the busiest, and most popular, season for St. Lucia weddings, mostly because many folks prefer not to get married in the colder U.S. climate. One of the key benefits of getting married in St. Lucia in the winter is that you can combine your ceremony with your island honeymoon.

Temperatures in December and January range from the mid-70s to the mid-80s.


Summer temperatures on the island peak in July and August, when the thermostat can hit 90s, and stay there all day long. However, keep in mind that there’s always an island breeze to keep you refreshed.

During the summer, there are frequent tropical rain showers, but they tend to be short and sharp. The months of June through November are known as the rain season, but that’s a bit misleading. It’s not Seattle, after all.


Many of our clients like the prospect of getting married in St. Lucia in the spring (between May and June). You get the benefits of slightly cooler, less humid air, as well as lower room rates and air fare (when compared to winter).

With the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival taking place in late April/early May, and the Carnival in June/July, you’ll have plenty of local and cultural festivities to enjoy.

Get started on planning your Caribbean Destination Wedding today!

With so many Caribbean islands to choose from for your wedding, how do you know which is the right one for you? While St. Lucia offers some of the most diverse scenery and culture in the region, our team here at Complete Getaways will be sure to find the perfect island and resort to bring your dream into reality.

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