Things to Do in Cancun for Spring Break

When you think of spring break destinations, which one comes to mind first?

For many people, it’s Cancun. It has the perfect mix of non-stop parties, exciting clubs and bars, and of course beautiful beaches. And if you want to fit in some down time to relax or catch some local sites, you can do that too.

Read on to see our list of can’t-miss things to do when you go to Cancun.

Best places to go to party

Ready to dance the night away? The following are just a few of the hottest and most legendary spots to go. You’ll find plenty of excitement no matter which one you choose to see first.

  • Coco Bongo: This is one of the most well-known places to go when you are ready to dance the night away. It features an unlimited open bar and nightly entertainment which include acrobatic performances, soap bubbles, and confetti streamers. It plays various kinds of music as well so you are bound to hear something that will get you moving.
  • Dady’O: Dady’O is another hot spot in Cancun that offers popular DJs, laser shows, special effects, wild parties, swimsuit contests, themed parties and more. There are six bars throughout this nightclub whose architecture was designed to look like a mysterious cavern that emerges after millions of years. Long story short: you won’t be bored here!
  • The City: This is considered one of the biggest clubs in Latin America offering three levels that can have up to 6,000 people. They regularly have celebrity DJs and hosts. You’ll find a stadium-like set up here so there is plenty of room to dance. Glow sticks, confetti and light shows are the norm. They also have concerts and foam parties as well.
  • Palazzo: Of all of the nightclubs in Cancun, this is the one that prides itself on being the most glamorous and luxurious. It stands out from other clubs in the area for its theme nights. For example, Wednesday nights are electric parties where dancers are dressed in neon suits. You’ll love the high quality sound system and an impressive list of famous DJs.
  • Senõr Frogs: This is a restaurant during the day and transforms into a nightclub at night. You’ll love the daily live music, DJs, contests and karaoke. There’s even a water slide that leads from the venue out to the lagoon. In the evening, it can take in up to 1500 people. You’ll find glow parties and foam parties here as well.

Local Attractions Worth Experiencing

For those days on your spring break vacation where you want to just relax, we recommend the following attractions and things to do.

  • Visit the local ruins: Tulum, Coba, or Chichen Itza all offer a fascinating look into Mexico’s culture and its past.
  • Explore the eco parks: Mexico is known for its beautiful eco parks featuring wildlife, vegetation and greenery that make for a truly adventurous time there. There are several eco parks worth seeing including Xel-Ha, Xcaret, or Xplor.
  • Try scuba diving: Mexico is known for being a hot spot for water sports especially snorkeling and scuba diving. Visit Isla Mujeres for the day and you’ll fall in love with its well-known reef that is perfect for these activities.
  • Go snorkeling: Another excellent way to enjoy Mexico’s oceans is with snorkeling. You’ll especially love visiting The Underwater Museum (MUSA) which includes 500 sculptures made of materials that encourage coral reef development.
  • Take time to just relax at the beach: Nothing beats having some time to take in the sunshine with the sound of the ocean nearby. It’s the perfect way to unwind! Try Playa Delfines, Playa Tortugas or Chac Mool Beach.
  • Visit a cenote: A cenote is a deep sinkhole filled with water in limestone that develops when the roof of an underground cavern collapses. There are thousands near Cancun but one of the most well-known is Ik Kil which is en route to Chichen Itza. It has a restaurant and gift shop as well as a limestone staircase that is lit.
  • Go ziplining: Many of the parks in and near Cancun offer ziplining but one in particular is especially noteworthy: Selvatica. This one is special because you choose from different package options and they have 10 different ziplines.

As you can see, Cancun has more than enough activities to make your spring break especially memorable. But the key is to book as early as you can for the best rates. That’s where we come in! We can do all of the researching for you (for free) and help you book the perfect vacation.

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