Travel Bubbles: What They Are and How They Help

These days, some countries have begun to see few coronavirus outbreaks. Several nations have also started to slowly begin to take steps back toward relaxing restrictions. Recently several countries have also taken an additional step: they have formed travel bubbles. Read on to find out what they are and how they help.

A travel bubble (also known as a travel corridor) is when two or more countries agree to allow travel to occur between them. This can only occur if each country has shown that it has lowered its number of new coronavirus cases. Here are some of the benefits of a travel bubble:

  • They can allow families who are in the other countries to finally reunite: This is especially significant for families that need to see each other for urgent reasons such as funerals or happier life moments such as the birth of a baby.
  • They encourage economic growth: Travel bubbles help encourage people to contribute to each other’s economies. Countries that heavily rely on tourism will get relief and businesses local to those areas will get the chance to finally gain their footing again.
  • They help boost mental health: Many people have felt like they have lost their freedom and cases of depression and anxiety have grown considerably during the pandemic. Allowing people to travel again helps reestablish a sense of normalcy that will hopefully help promote better mental health.
  • They help serve as benchmarks for other countries: As travel bubbles begin to form, other countries who are still on lockdown will get to observe what is working best and how they can be even more prepared for the future. This will only encourage better health and sanitation standards worldwide when it comes to travel.
  • It will help the travel industry grow again: It’s no secret that the travel industry worldwide has suffered quite a bit. Everything from airlines, tour operators, cruise lines, hotels, and resorts has experienced a financial loss. Travel bubbles give the industry a chance to recover.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania recently announced a travel bubble. Other travelers that are arriving from outside the bubble must still self-isolate for 14 days even if they live in other parts of Europe.

The following countries are also in talks to form travel bubbles of their own:

  • Australia and New Zealand
  • China is considering allowing Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea
  • Israel, Greece and Cyprus

Tough times like these call on us to get creative and find new solutions to help us all move forward. We are hopeful that these travel bubbles will help provide hope for the future and will encourage growth of all kinds. Here’s to sunnier days!

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