Why You Need Travel Insurance / Protection? Travel Agents Offer Their Top 6 Reason

Everything involving your destination wedding or getaway is focused on positivity. The moment you put your plan into place, your mind’s eye wanders to the dreamy state of what will be, like:

– What will it be like to walk on the beach?
– What will it be like to watch a sunset holding hands as newlyweds? – What will it be like to walk on the beach?
– What will it be like to travel to someplace exotic and serene? – What will it be like to walk on the beach?

We get so caught up in the what will be’s of our vacation, that we often overlook the what-ifs, such as what if something terrible goes wrong while we’re away? 

While destination wedding and traveling mishaps are fortunately not the norm, they do happen. Are you prepared to handle the many what-ifs that might come to light while you’re celebrating your destination wedding?

Here are 6 reasons why you need to invest in travel insurance – tips delivered straight from the minds of the country’s top travel agents.

1. Last minute flight changes

When you plan a destination wedding, one of the most frustrating and stressful parts is making sure your guests find flights that get them to the wedding on time.

But even if you pull off that feat, what happens if someone’s flight is canceled? Who’ll be responsible for finding new flights to get your guests to your big event? If you don’t have travel insurance, you and your loved ones will be left with these last minute plans. But by investing in insurance, you can dish that responsibility off to your agent, who’ll get your family member to your wedding without you’re having to stress about it.

2. Lost luggage

Lost luggage is never convenient. But when it comes to your wedding, this can be disastrous. Whether it’s your tuxedo or dress, the rings, or even your honeymoon attire, the items lost along with your luggage are important to you. Without travel insurance, who can you call to not only reunite you with your bags, but to help you find replacement items in the interim?

3. Lost documentation

Most destination weddings take place abroad. If you’re planning a wedding outside of the country, your passport is just as important as your wedding rings! But what happens if, while overseas, your wallet is stolen, along with your money and passport? Travel insurance makes it easy for you to get your hands on emergency cash reserves and get your passport replaced in time for your flight back home.

4. Accidents do happen

What happens if you’re in an accident while abroad, and adequate medical treatment is not available? Travel insurance will make it easy for you to coordinate a medical evacuation, if one is necessary.

5. Businesses don’t last forever 

We’ve seen it time and time again. You plan the perfect destination wedding. Then, suddenly, you hear the news: your cruise line, airline, tour operator, or resort close down. Now what? Most of what’s planned involved non-refundable expenses, and your family already booked their flights. What do you do? Travel insurance can help you recreate your experience as close as possible so that your wedding plans remain intact.

6. Mother Nature doesn’t know it’s your wedding day

One of the most popular locations we send our clients to is the Caribbean, and for good reason. The islands that make up this region are all uniquely breathtaking. But they’re also susceptible to storms. What happens if you’re at your resort, and are forced to evacuate due to a hurricane? Who can help you get evacuated and reimburse you for any lost vacation investment? You guessed it – travel insurance.

These six examples above occur far more frequently than vacation planners want to acknowledge. We all want the perfect vacation and destination wedding, but sometimes imperfections get in the way.

You can minimize the impact of these unexpected catastrophes by getting travel insurance as a part of your destination wedding planning. If you want to know more about what type of insurance package is right for you, contact the Complete Getaways team today!

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